French Marigold Plant Capsules

French Marigold Plant Capsules Grow spectacular French Marigold at home! Exploding with fiery petals, French marigolds top the charts of good-looking plants. Native to the highlands of Central Mexico, these flowers double as a favored spice in Georgian cuisine. It’s even used to enhance or replace saffron! That’s right. French Marigold is edible. Exotic! List

Leaf Mustard Plant Capsules

Leaf Mustard Plant Capsules Grow fresh leaf mustard at home! Popular in many mind-blowing cuisines (Italian, Indian, and Japanese to name a few), leaf mustard is as healthy as it is versatile. High in vitamins A, K, and C, as well as flavonoids and dietary fiber, leaf mustard is a winner, hands down. List Price:

Jasmine Tobacco Plant Capsules

Jasmine Tobacco Plant Capsules Grow Sweet Tobacco Flowers at home! The sweet tobacco is mainly grown as an ornamental plant that will light up any room. The sweet tobacco bears fragrant, flat, star-like flowers in many colours: crimson, purple, wine, rose, pink, lime green, and white. It’s also know as Jasmine Tobacco. A fast growing

Marjoram Plant Capsules

Marjoram Plant Capsules Grow fresh Marjoram in your indoor herb garden! A herb loved by historians and foodies alike, marjoram is a majorly good addition to any garden. Featured in herbs de provence, za�atar and other such culinary keepers, this cousin to oregano delights with its sweet pine and citrus flavors. List Price: Price: 19.95

Moss Rose Plant Capsules

Moss Rose Plant Capsules Grow beautiful Moss Rose at home! Also called portulaca, the moss rose is known for its colorful flowers and shocking promptness. The flowers with their multiple colors have even be said to resemble fireworks! Like clockwork, moss rose reaches full bloom at the same time each day. List Price: Price: 19.95

Parsley Plant Capsules

Parsley Plant Capsules Grow fresh Parsley at home! Parsley is actually the world�s most popular herb. It has incredible nutritional properties, it�s packed with vitamins C, B, 12, K, and A. Parsley is even said to help arthritis and heart-related problems. Use your parsley in soups, salads, pasta, tomato sauces, sautes, and more to add

Spruce Plant Capsules

Spruce Plant Capsules Now you can grow trees in your Smart Garden! Start with the majestic Spruce. With this historical tree in your garden, you�ll experience the wonder of seeing a tree be born. Well over 136 million years old as a species, spruce is today used to make guitars, paper, medicinal tea, and straight-up

Wild Strawberry Plant Capsules

Wild Strawberry Plant Capsules Grow strawberries at home all year round! Eaten since the Stone Age, wild strawberries are known to help the nervous system, fight fatigue, and crack down on skin aging. Wild strawberry fruit is strongly flavored and grown for domestic use as an ingredient for jam, sauces, liqueurs, cosmetics and alternative medicine”.

Flowing Glaze Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot 6pcs 2.5 inch Cactus Flower Plant Pot Container Planter Black&White Base Serial Set

Cactus Plant Pot Ideas, Planting A Cactus Garden In A Pot, Planting Cactus In A Pot, Planting Cactus In Pot Flowing Glaze Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot 6pcs 2.5 inch Cactus Flower Plant Pot Container Planter Black&White Base Serial Set Material:Ceramic,all those plant containers are made of top-quality clay&baked in high temperatures Approximate Size: 2.25 x

25 Miniature Fairy Garden Plants – Live Tillandsia Air Plants for Enchanted Gardens – Terrarium House Plant Accessories and Gardening Starter Kit Supplies

 Buy Now    Aquatic Arts, LLC – DropshipPrice: $ 19.95 Add natural beauty to your fairy garden with miniature air plants! These plants don’t need soil to grow, so they can flourish in many different environments. Additionally, they require only a moderate amount of light and only need watering about once a week, making them the